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Shandong Tongyuantang Health Technology Co., Ltd.

CNY 980,000

Shandong Tongyuantang Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development of pharmaceuticals and sprays. In 2017, the company was moved to Laiwu City through the investment promotion of Laiwu High-tech Zone Government with a registered capital of CNY 9.8 million. We have established a pharmaceutical-grade GMP standardized production base in Laiwu to produce musk series sprays. Now, the company mainly promotes three kinds of products, such as musk activating spray for diminishing pair, musk spray for diminishing hemorrhoids, and anti-sense cotton stick.

There is a research and development team consisting of first-line scientists and R&D personnel in the field of Chinese medicine research, with a technical level ranked at the forefront in the company. The musk series external spray developed by the company has made a great effect on the majority of patients and brought good news to the public.

The company has established the Shandong Tongyuantang Health Science Research Institute jointly with Institute of botany, the Chinese academy of sciences (IB-CAS) and the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, with a selection of the research and development for the hot topics in the health field.
The company is building a strong sales team. The employed sales director, who ranks top three among domestic pharmaceutical companies, will guide our sales team to exploit the domestic sales market. At present, it has reached an annual agency processing sales intention of 3 million per year with large pharmaceutical sales companies such as Jilin Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical, Fujian Pientzehuang, and Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group. It has reached a processing and sales agreement of 1 million per year with Bangladesh Aimina Pharmaceutical Company. The cooperation intentions with professional sales agencies in various provinces and cities in China are on the process. The online sales team of the Internet has been established rapidly while the cooperation with the military, sports teams, major pharmaceutical chain agencies, and direct sales teams are in a depth negotiation.

Our company plans to cooperate with Australian investment institution IDC Capital to list on the Australian IPO of ASX Exchange, raising funds to open branches in South Asia, Europe and America to produce artificial musk, pharmaceutical-grade muskone and musk products.